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Render isn't your typical company; it's made for technology professionals by technology professionals, it's where the worlds of collards and code seamlessly intertwine, creating an environment where people can authentically be themselves without feeling like they're just there to check a box. At Render, innovation and individuality take center stage, making Render not just a conference, but a daily celebration of community & of the diverse intersections that define us.

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This is "Culture & Code," our podcast that's not just about tech – it's about us, our culture, and our journeys in tech. Brought to you by Render, this podcast is your backstage pass to leveling up your tech career while embracing your roots. Get ready to vibe with us as we dive into the latest technologies, career strategies, and stories from trailblazers who look like us and have paved their way to success. From coding insights to cultural connections, "Culture & Code" is the space where you'll find the inspiration, guidance, and real-talk you've been craving.